Michigan High School Boys basketball tournament


For each of the teams listed below, we are missing the name of the head coach and/or the team's final win loss mark.


Can you help us fill in the blanks?


As part of a larger project, we are assembling detail on the final rounds of the

Michigan High School Boys basketball tournament.

To date, we have gathered a large amount of information on the quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds of the annual state tourney. 

To illustrate, I'll use details from Class C of the 1988 tournament as an example of what I’m after.  As you can see, we have gathered a number of details.  However, in this example, we're still missing the coach of the losing team for three of the teams defeated in the quarterfinals as well as the win-loss for Grandville Calvin Christian.  We're trying to fill in those blanks.

Class Year Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score Winning Coach W-L Losing Coach W-L








Ernie Sellers











Ted Thomas







Saginaw Nouvel


Grandville Calvin Chr.


Jim Carideo







Three Oaks River Valley




Jerry Schaffer


Bob Urschalitz









Ted Thomas


Ernie Sellers





Saginaw Nouvel


River Valley


Jim Carideo


Jerry Schaffer





Saginaw Nouvel




Jim Carideo


Ted Thomas




Below is a list of teams that have qualified for the finals rounds of the MHSAA-sponsored tournaments where we are still missing information.  In each case, we are looking for:


a)    The name of the head coach for the teams
 b) The team’s season-ending Win-Loss record.


This list shows:

1) Name of the High school team

2) The qualifying round that they achieved:

QF – Quarterfinalist

SF – Semi-finalist

 F – Finalist

3) The year they qualified.


(Note that the year “72” represents the 1971-72 school year.  The year “02” represents the 2001-02 season.  Tournament games were played in the spring of the year listed.)


Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please send any information that you have to

Ron Pesch – MHSAA Historian

1317 Lakeshore Drive

 Muskegon, MI  49441-1650


Or email me at peschstats@comcast.net


The list is arranged in a manner to allow you to cut and paste the information into your documents or e-mails.  In addition, feel free to insert this data into newspaper articles, team programs, and newsletters.


Many thanks for your assistance!!!


Year Class Round    Team                                Coach             Record     

1932  B     SF     Adrian                                                     

1935  B     QF     Adrian                                                     


1939  D     QF     Adrian St. Joseph                                          


1937  D     SF     Akron                                                      

1945  D     SF     Akron                                                      


1927  B     QF     Albion                                                     


1929  C     QF     Algonac                                                    


1928  B     SF     Alma                                Smith                14-4                        

1942  B     QF     Alma                                Floyd E. Lear              

1944  B     QF     Alma                                Floyd E. Lear             

1946  B     SF     Alma                                Victor Hicks           


1945  D     QF     Almont                                                     


1919  B     QF     Alpena                                                     

1938  B     QF     Alpena                                                     


1952  B     QF     Alpena Catholic                     Frank Curran           


1934  D     QF     Alpena St. Anne                                            

1939  D     SF     Alpena St. Anne                                            

1940  D     QF     Alpena St. Anne                                            


1926  D     F      Alpena St. Bernard                                         

1947  D     QF     Alpena St. Bernard                  Raymond Bray           


1930  D     QF     Ann Arbor St. Thomas                                       

1931  D     SF     Ann Arbor St. Thomas                                       

1934  D     F      Ann Arbor St. Thomas                Fr. John Lynch         


1927  D     QF     Ann Arbor University High                                  

1928  C     SF     Ann Arbor University High                                  

1931  C     F      Ann Arbor University High                                  


1994  D     QF     Atlanta                                               24-1 


1932  D     QF     Baldwin                            Bigelow            16-3             

1984  D     QF     Baldwin                                               20-3 


1997  D     QF     Baraga                                                21-4 


1923  C     QF     Baroda                                                     


1942  D     QF     Bath                                E. Hegerberg           

1950  D     SF     Bath                                Walter Pawlowski       


1921  A     SF     Battle Creek Central                Alden Thompson         

1924  A     QF     Battle Creek Central                Alden Thompson                       

1927  A     F      Battle Creek Central                Harold Beebee           

1928  A     QF     Battle Creek Central                Harold Beebee         

1940  A     SF     Battle Creek Central                Gerald Graham           

1949  A     SF     Battle Creek Central                Gerald Graham          


1925  C     QF     Bay City St. James                                         

1926  C     F      Bay City St. James                                         


1932  C     SF     Bay City St. Mary                                          

1939  D     QF     Bay City St. Mary                                          


1917  A     QF     Bay City Western                                           


1922  C     SF     Bear Lake                                                  


1941  D     QF     Bellaire                            R. Lyons               


1934  A     QF     Benton Harbor                                              

1948  A     SF     Benton Harbor                       Bill Perigo            


1948  C     QF     Berrien Springs                     Paul Emerich           


1948  B     SF     Bessemer                            Helge Pukema           


1923  B     SF     Birmingham                                                 

1925  B     SF     Birmingham                                                 

1938  B     QF     Birmingham                                                 

1947  B     QF     Birmingham                          Lloyd Cooper           


1940  B     QF     Blissfield                                                 

1941  C     QF     Blissfield                          Earl Green               


1933  C     F      Boyne City                                                 

1934  C     SF     Boyne City                                                 

1937  C     QF     Boyne City                                                 

1939  C     SF     Boyne City                                                 

1950  C     QF     Boyne City                          M.J. Dixon             

1951  C     SF     Boyne City                          M.J. Dixon             


1932  D     F      Brethren                                                   


1924  C     QF     Bridgman                                                   

1925  C     SF     Bridgman                                                   

1940  C     QF     Bridgman                                                   

1941  C     QF     Bridgman                            Walt Briney            

1948  D     F      Bridgman                            Walt Briney            


1939  D     SF     Brooklyn                                                   


1927  C     QF     Brown City                                                 


1928  C     QF     Buchanan                                                   

1929  C     SF     Buchanan                                                   


1998  D     QF     Buckley                                                    


1939  D     QF     Burr Oak                                                   

1940  D     QF     Burr Oak                                                   


1940  D     SF     Byron Center                                               


1921  A     QF     Cadillac                                                   

1922  B     SF     Cadillac                                                   

1927  B     QF     Cadillac                                                   


1933  C     QF     Caro                                                       


1921  B     SF     Carson City                                                

1923  C     F      Carson City                                                

1925  C     QF     Carson City                                                

1932  C     QF     Carson City                                                


1924  C     SF     Cass City                          Earl Brooks                       


1940  C     SF     Cedar Springs                                              


1947  C     QF     Centerline                          F.M. Scripter          


1920  B     QF     Charlevoix                                                 

1928  C     QF     Charlevoix                          Ray Kipke              

1931  C     SF     Charlevoix                          Ray Kipke              

1932  C     SF     Charlevoix                          Ray Kipke              

1936  C     SF     Charlevoix                          Ray Kipke              

1938  C     F      Charlevoix                          Ray Kipke              

1952  C     SF     Charlevoix                          Delbert Terrill        


1919  B     SF     Charlotte                                                  

1941  B     QF     Charlotte                           Malcolm "Mac" Gobel           


1917  A     QF     Cheboygan                                                  

1924  B     QF     Cheboygan                                                  

1933  B     QF     Cheboygan                                                  


1919  B     QF     Chelsea                                                    


1926  D     QF     Chelsea St. Mary                                           


1920  B     QF     Chesaning                                                  

1928  C     QF     Chesaning                                                  


1947  D     QF     Clawson Log Cabin                   David McKenna          

1948  D     QF     Clawson Log Cabin                   David McKenna          


1944  D     QF     Clinton                             Bill Anglemyre         

1951  D     QF     Clinton                             James Maley            


1930  B     QF     Coldwater                                                  

1931  B     F      Coldwater                                                  

1932  B     QF     Coldwater                                                  

1940  B     SF     Coldwater                                                  


1947  C     QF     Colon                               W.H. Judd              


1931  D     QF     Comstock Park                                              


1951  D     QF     Copemish                            Wilfred Fish           


1979  D     QF     Covert                                                22-1 


1937  D     QF     Crystal                                                    


1939  C     SF     Dansville                                                  


1936  C     QF     Davison                                                    

1939  B     QF     Davison                                                    

1941  B     SF     Davison                             T. Meister             

1949  B     QF     Davison                             Ellwood Voller         

1950  B     QF     Davison                             Ellwood Voller         


1923  C     QF     Dearborn                                                   

1926  B     QF     Dearborn                                                   

1949  A     QF     Dearborn                            Frank McIntyre         


1949  D     SF     Dearborn Edison                     Lyle Chenoweth         

1950  D     QF     Dearborn Edison                     Lyle Chenoweth         


1947  A     QF     Dearborn Ford Trade                 Howard Hedinger        

1951  A     QF     Dearborn Ford Trade                 T.A. Lind              


1951  C     QF     Dearborn St. Alphonsus              Adam Adams             


1919  A     QF     Detroit Cass Tech


1932  B     QF     Detroit Catholic Central                                   

1944  A     SF     Detroit Catholic Central            Al Chesney             

1945  A     QF     Detroit Catholic Central            Al Chesney                

1946  A     SF     Detroit Catholic Central            Rev. Matthew Sheedy          


1917  A     SF     Detroit Central                                            

1918  A     F      Detroit Central                     Harry Brown            

1919  A     QF     Detroit Central                     Frank Long                       

1921  A     SF     Detroit Central                                            


1946  D     F      Detroit Country Day                 L.F. Brooks            


1923  A     QF     Detroit Eastern                                            


1926  B     QF     Detroit Holy Redeemer                                      

1933  B     SF     Detroit Holy Redeemer                                      

1934  B     SF     Detroit Holy Redeemer                                      

1944  B     QF     Detroit Holy Redeemer               Desmond Sheedy         

1945  B     QF     Detroit Holy Redeemer               Desmond Sheedy                       


1950  B     QF     Detroit Nativity                    John Laffey            


1919  B     QF     Detroit Nordstrum                                          


1927  A     QF     Detroit Northeastern                                       


1920  A     F      Detroit Northern                                           

1921  A     F      Detroit Northern                                           

1927  A     QF     Detroit Northern                                           

1928  A     QF     Detroit Northern                                           

1929  A     SF     Detroit Northern                    Eddie Powers                       


1919  A     F      Detroit Northwestern                Bert Maris             

1923  A     F      Detroit Northwestern                                       


1922  A     SF     Detroit Southeastern                                       

1924  A     F      Detroit Southeastern                                       

1929  A     QF     Detroit Southeastern                                       

1930  A     QF     Detroit Southeastern                                       


1925  A     SF     Detroit Southwestern                                       

1928  A     SF     Detroit Southwestern                                       

1930  A     QF     Detroit Southwestern                                       

1969  A     QF     Detroit Southwestern                                  9-7  


1948  B     F      Detroit St. Andrew                  Napoleon Ross          

1950  C     SF     Detroit St. Andrew                  Napoleon Ross          


1932  B     SF     Detroit St. Anthony                                        

1935  B     QF     Detroit St. Anthony                                        


1939  C     QF     Detroit St. Casimir                                        


1936  B     QF     Detroit St. Catherine                                      


1944  C     QF     Detroit St. Cecilia                 Don Ridler             

1946  C     QF     Detroit St. Cecilia                 Don Ridler             


1948  B     QF     Detroit St. Gregory                 Peter Robertson        


1936  D     SF     Detroit St. Josaphat                                       

1942  D     QF     Detroit St. Josaphat                E. Graczyk             

1944  D     SF     Detroit St. Josaphat                Edward Graczyk         


1931  B     SF     Detroit St. Joseph                                         


1931  C     QF     Detroit St. Leo                                            


1934  D     QF     Detroit St. Rita                                           


1945  B     SF     Detroit St. Stanislaus                                     


1935  B     F      Detroit St. Theresa                 George DuFour          

1938  B     SF     Detroit St. Theresa                                        

1939  B     QF     Detroit St. Theresa                                        

1940  B     F      Detroit St. Theresa                 George DuFour        

1947  B     SF     Detroit St. Theresa                 George DuFour          


2003  D     QF     Detroit Urban Lutheran                                22-4 


1937  B     QF     Detroit Visitation                                         

1941  B     QF     Detroit Visitation                  F. Carideo             

1942  B     QF     Detroit Visitation                  D. Malone              


1922  A     QF     Detroit Western                                            


1953  D     QF     DeWitt                              Robert Ingersoll       


1935  D     QF     Dimondale                                                  

1948  D     SF     Dimondale                           Andrew Cherpes         

1951  D     F      Dimondale                           Byron Johnson          


1933  B     QF     Dowagiac                                                   


1938  D     QF     Dryden                                                     

1939  D     F      Dryden                                                     


1934  B     QF     East Detroit                                               


1925  C     SF     East Jackson                                          18-5

1940  C     SF     East Jackson                                          17-8


1921  B     QF     East Jordan                                                

1925  C     SF     East Jordan                                                

1940  C     SF     East Jordan                                                


1932  C     F      East Lansing                        Fred Shaber            

1934  B     QF     East Lansing                                               

1945  B     F      East Lansing                        Dale Faunce            

1947  B     SF     East Lansing                        Melvin Buschman        


1941  D     SF     East Tawas                          C. Nickel              

1942  D     QF     East Tawas                          C. Nickel              


1924  B     QF     Eaton Rapids                                               

1925  B     QF     Eaton Rapids                                               

1927  C     QF     Eaton Rapids                                               


1930  D     QF     Eau Claire                                                 


1942  B     F      Ecorse                              R. Wilson              


1940  D     QF     Ecorse St. Xavier                                          


1936  C     QF     Edmore                                                     


1929  D     F      Elk Rapids                                                 


1928  D     QF     Ellsworth                                                  

1971  D     QF     Ellsworth                                             11-13

1993  D     QF     Ellsworth                                             23-2 


1920  A     QF     Escanaba                                                   


1939  C     QF     Evart                                                      

1947  C     F      Evart                               Thomas Hill            


1944  D     QF     Fairview                            J.A. Gisvold           


1921  B     F      Farmington                                                 

1924  C     SF     Farmington                                                 

1925  C     QF     Farmington                                                 

1946  B     SF     Farmington                          Robert Hutton          

1949  B     QF     Farmington                          Robert Hutton          


1945  B     QF     Fenton                              Ivan Williams              


1949  A     SF     Ferndale                            Roy Burkhart           


1939  C     QF     Ferndale St. James                                         


1945  C     QF     Flint All Saints                                           

1948  C     QF     Flint All Saints                    Ray Seidel             


1922  A     QF     Flint Central                                              

1923  A     QF     Flint Central                                              

1925  A     QF     Flint Central                       L.A. Erickson                       

1926  A     QF     Flint Central                       C.F. Bassett           13-5            

1927  A     QF     Flint Central                                              

1948  A     SF     Flint Central                       Richard Evans          


1948  B     QF     Flint Kearsley                      William Knudson        


1935  A     F      Flint Northern                      Jim Barclay            

1937  A     QF     Flint Northern                      Jim Barclay                       


1941  D     SF     Flint School for the Deaf           P. Zieski              

1948  D     QF     Flint School for the Deaf           Earl Roberts           


1937  C     QF     Flint St. Mary                                             

1938  C     QF     Flint St. Mary                      Ray Kipke              

1941  C     SF     Flint St. Mary                      Ken Failing            

1942  C     F      Flint St. Mary                      Ken Failing            


1929  C     F      Flint St. Michael                                          

1930  C     QF     Flint St. Michael                                          

1938  B     F      Flint St. Michael                                          

1969  C     QF     Flint St. Michael                                     19-3 


1944  B     QF     Flint Tech                          John Bojeun            


1933  C     QF     Fremont                                                    

1947  B     F      Fremont                             Lawrence Gotschall     

1948  B     SF     Fremont                             Lawrence Gotschall     

1951  B     QF     Fremont                             Lloyd Hartman          


1999  D     QF     Fulton-Middleton                                           


1944  C     SF     Fulton-Perrinton                    Max Paine              


1997  C     QF     Galesburg-Augusta                                     11-14


1926  D     SF     Grand Blanc                                                


1919  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1922  B     SF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1925  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1926  B     SF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1928  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1930  B     SF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1932  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs 

1936  B     SF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs

1937  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs    

1945  B     QF     Grand Haven                         Gus Cohrs  



1931  B     QF     Grand Rapids Catholic Central                              

1935  A     QF     Grand Rapids Catholic Central                              


1917  A     SF     Grand Rapids Central                                       

1950  A     QF     Grand Rapids Central                Dan Nameth             



1944  B     SF     Grand Rapids Christian              Claus Beukema             

1948  A     QF     Grand Rapids Christian              John Boelema           


1992  D     QF     Grand Rapids Covenant Christian                       20-6 


1932  A     QF     Grand Rapids Creston                                       


1946  D     QF     Grand Rapids Fairview               B. Spaulding           


1929  D     QF     Grand Rapids Godwin                                        


1933  A     QF     Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills           Henry Ludwick                       

1939  A     QF     Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills           Henry Ludwick                       

1946  A     QF     Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills           Henry Ludwick              

1949  A     QF     Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills           Allen Taveggia         

1993  A     QF     Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills                             20-5 


1932  A     SF     Grand Rapids South                                         

1945  A     QF     Grand Rapids South                  G Patterson                       


1925  A     SF     Grand Rapids Union                  John Truesdale                       

1928  A     QF     Grand Rapids Union                                         

1934  A     F      Grand Rapids Union                                         


1927  D     QF     Grant                                                      

1948  C     QF     Grant                               Howard Elzinga         


1923  C     QF     Grayling                                                   


1929  D     QF     Grosse Ile                                                 

1937  D     QF     Grosse Ile                                                 


1932  A     QF     Grosse Pointe                                              

1933  A     F      Grosse Pointe                                              

1944  A     QF     Grosse Pointe                       William Healey         

1951  A     QF     Grosse Pointe                       Edward Wernet          


1949  D     F      Gwinn                               Dominic Ghiardi        

1989  B    QF      Gwinn


1987  C     QF     Hamilton                                              20-5


1950  A     QF     Hamtramck                           Frank Worzniak         


1972  D     QF     Hamtramck Immaculate Conception                       17-6 


1940  B     QF     Hamtramck St. Ladislaus                                    

1971  C     QF     Hamtramck St. Ladislaus                               17-3 


1940  D     SF     Hanover                                                    

1941  D     F      Hanover                             C. Fellows             


1949  D     SF     Harbor Beach Lake Huron             Ray Noble, Jr.       


1944  D     QF     Harbor Beach Our Lady of Lake Huron William Wood           


1921  B     QF     Harbor Springs                                             

1924  C     QF     Harbor Springs                                             

1925  C     QF     Harbor Springs                                             

1927  C     QF     Harbor Springs                                             

1930  C     QF     Harbor Springs                                             

1941  C     F      Harbor Springs                      K. Otis                

1942  C     QF     Harbor Springs                      K. Otis                


1917  A     QF     Hart                                                       

1925  B     SF     Hart                                                       

1949  C     SF     Hart                                Kenneth Swanson        


1945  D     QF     Haslett                                                    

1947  D     F      Haslett                             Taisto Filppula        


1933  B     QF     Hazel Park                                                 


1922  C     SF     Hersey                                                     

1926  D     QF     Hersey                                                     


1922  A     SF     Highland Park                                              

1923  A     SF     Highland Park                                              

1926  A     QF     Highland Park                                              

1948  A     QF     Highland Park                       James Wink             


1939  B     SF     Highland Park St. Benedict                                 

1942  C     QF     Highland Park St. Benedict          W. Montie              


1920  B     F      Hillsdale                                                  

1922  B     QF     Hillsdale                                                  


1917  A     QF     Holland                                                    

1923  A     QF     Holland                                                    

1937  A     F      Holland                                                    

1941  A     QF     Holland                             Malcolm MacKay         

1994  A     QF     Holland                                               21-5 


1927  D     SF     Holland Christian                                          

1929  C     QF     Holland Christian                                          

1932  C     QF     Holland Christian                                          

1937  C     QF     Holland Christian                                          

1939  C     F      Holland Christian                                          

1941  C     SF     Holland Christian                   John Tuls                

1942  C     QF     Holland Christian                   John Tuls                

1946  B     QF     Holland Christian                   John Tuls                


1924  C     F      Holly                                                      


1932  D     QF     Horton                                                     

1936  D     F      Horton                                                     

1937  D     F      Horton                                                     


1988  C     QF     Houghton                                              23-2 


1949  C     QF     Houghton Lake                       R.A. Newell            


1922  B     F      Howell                                                     

1927  B     F      Howell                                                     


1938  C     QF     Hudsonville                                                


1950  C     QF     Imlay City                          Lyle Powers            


1977  B     QF     Inkster                                               11-10?


1929  B     QF     Iron Mountain                                              

1931  B     SF     Iron Mountain                                              


1927  B     QF     Ishpeming                           Clairmont Watson


1917  A     F      Jackson                                                    

1919  A     QF     Jackson                                                    

1923  A     SF     Jackson                                                    

1928  A     F      Jackson                             Richard Holtz                       

1942  A     QF     Jackson                             Fortune Sullo               


1949  C     QF     Jackson St. John                    Benjamin Coffman                               


1946  C     SF     Jackson St. Mary                    Rev. John Madden       

1947  C     SF     Jackson St. Mary                    Edward Cimock          


1935  C     QF     Kalamazoo State High                                       

1947  B     QF     Kalamazoo State High                Fred Stevens           


1933  D     SF     Kaleva                                                     

1946  D     QF     Kaleva                              A. Pliger              


1940  C     F      Keego Harbor                                               

1941  C     QF     Keego Harbor                        Waldo Ashley              

1948  C     SF     Keego Harbor                        Charles Guinnip        


1933  D     F      Kent City                                                  


1971  D     QF     Kinde North Huron                                     19-4 

1984  D     QF     Kinde North Huron                                     22-4 


1948  D     QF     Kingsley                            Angelo Vassallo        

1987  D     QF     Kingsley                                              22-4 

1991  C     QF     Kingsley                                              21-4 


1921  B     SF     Lake Linden                                                

1925  B     F      Lake Linden                                                

1929  C     SF     Lake Linden                                                


1919  A     SF     Lansing Central                                            

1926  A     SF     Lansing Central                                            


1993  D     QF     Lansing Christian                                     21-4 


1942  A     SF     Lansing Eastern                     Ray Altenhof           


1930  C     F      Lansing St. Mary                                           

1933  C     SF     Lansing St. Mary                                           

1935  C     SF     Lansing St. Mary                                           

1938  C     QF     Lansing St. Mary                                           


1937  B     SF     Lapeer                                                     


1926  D     SF     Lawrence                                                   


1923  C     SF     Lawton                                                     


1945  D     QF     Leland                                                     


1944  D     F      Leroy                               Earl Lickert           

1945  D     SF     Leroy                                                      


1941  A     QF     Lincoln Park                        M Paun                 


1937  D     QF     Linden                                                     


1924  B     SF     Lowell                                                     


1920  B     SF     Mancelona                                                  


1946  D     SF     Manchester                          Robert Kerr            

1974  C     QF     Manchester                                                 


1930  B     QF     Manistee                                                   


1926  D     QF     Maple Rapids                        M.J. Paine

1928  D     SF     Maple Rapids                        M.J. Paine

1929  D     QF     Maple Rapids                        M.J. Paine

1931  D     QF     Maple Rapids                                               

1933  D     QF     Maple Rapids                                               


1928  B     QF     Marquette                                                  


1928  C     QF     Marquette Baraga                                           


1933  B     SF     Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1935  B     SF     Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1936  B     SF     Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1937  B     F      Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1938  B     SF     Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1942  B     SF     Marshall                            Charlie Carr           

1948  B     QF     Marshall                            Bruce Gray             


1926  D     QF     Marysville                                                 

1927  D     SF     Marysville                                                 


1994  C     QF     McBain                                                20-6 


1976  D     QF     McBain Northern Michigan Christian                    23-2 

1978  D     QF     McBain Northern Michigan Christian                    22-3 

1988  D     QF     McBain Northern Michigan Christian                    20-5 

1996  D     QF     McBain Northern Michigan Christian                    22-4 


1935  C     QF     Melvindale                                                 


1984  B     QF     Menominee                                             20-5


1936  D     SF     Merrill                                                    

1938  D     QF     Merrill                                                    

1948  D     SF     Merrill                             Bruce Smith            


1948  A     QF     Midland                             James Barclay          


1921  B     QF     Milan                                                      

1922  C     F      Milan                                                      

1926  C     QF     Milan                                                      


1920  B     QF     Monroe                                                     


1928  D     QF     Morley                                                     


1920  B     SF     Mt Clemens                                                 


1922  B     QF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1923  B     QF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1924  B     SF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1929  B     QF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1930  B     QF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1933  B     F      Mt Pleasant                                                

1939  B     QF     Mt Pleasant                                                

1941  B     SF     Mt Pleasant                         Kenneth "Bill" Kelly               


1930  D     QF     Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart                                   

1934  C     QF     Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart                                   


1923  A     QF     Munising                                                   

1930  C     QF     Munising                                                   


1920  A     QF     Muskegon                            J. Francis Jacks       

1921  A     QF     Muskegon                            J. Francis Jacks       

1924  A     SF     Muskegon                                                   

1926  A     F      Muskegon                            C. Leo Redmond         

1942  A     F      Muskegon                            C. Leo Redmond         

1947  A     SF     Muskegon                            Harry Potter           


1944  D     QF     Muskegon St. Joseph                 Raymond Chasteen       


1932  D     SF     Napoleon                                                   

1933  D     QF     Napoleon                                                   


1929  D     SF     National Mine                                              


1919  A     QF     Negaunee                                                   

1921  A     QF     Negaunee                                                   

1924  A     QF     Negaunee                                                   

1926  B     QF     Negaunee                                                   

1931  B     QF     Negaunee                                                   


1934  D     QF     New Troy                                                   


1932  B     F      Niles                               Chester Davidson       

1935  B     QF     Niles                                                      

1938  B     QF     Niles                                                      

1944  B     QF     Niles                               Frank Ham              


1934  D     QF     North Adams                                                


1935  D     QF     North Muskegon                                             


1935  C     SF     Northport                                                  

1945  C     QF     Northport                                                  


1921  B     QF     Onaway                                                     

1922  C     QF     Onaway                                                     


1936  D     QF     Onekama                                                    

1949  D     QF     Onekama                             Clarence Mallison      


1948  C     QF     Ontonagon                           Lloyd Livermore        


1952  C     QF     Ortonville                          Maxwell Berry          


1929  D     QF     Oscoda                                                     


1935  D     SF     Owosso St. Paul                                            


1926  C     QF     Oxford                                                     


1934  C     QF     Parma                                                      


1936  C     QF     Paw Paw                                                    


1936  D     QF     Peck                                                       

1940  D     F      Peck                                                       


1922  C     QF     Pellston                                                   

1923  C     SF     Pellston                                                   

1935  D     F      Pellston                                                   

1944  C     QF     Pellston                            S.A. McClutchey        


1935  C     QF     Perrinton                                                  


1923  B     QF     Petoskey                            Doyle                  

1924  B     QF     Petoskey                            John Hess              

1925  B     QF     Petoskey                            John Hess              

1926  B     QF     Petoskey                            John Hess              

1932  B     QF     Petoskey                                                   

1935  B     QF     Petoskey                                                   

1941  B     QF     Petoskey                            S. Sebo                


1927  D     QF     Pigeon                                                     

1928  D     F      Pigeon                                                     

1929  D     SF     Pigeon                                                     


1928  C     SF     Plainwell                                                  


1937  B     QF     Plymouth                                                   

1938  B     QF     Plymouth                                                   


1920  A     QF     Pontiac Central                                       13-1 

1922  A     QF     Pontiac Central                                       15-3 


1930  C     SF     Pontiac St. Frederick                                      

1935  C     QF     Pontiac St. Frederick                                      


1927  A     QF     Port Huron                                            9-13

1950  A     F      Port Huron                          Reed Laughlin          


1922  C     QF     Portland                                                   

1951  C     QF     Portland                            Maurice Pernert                          


1928  D     QF     Ravenna                                                                


1937  C     SF     Reed City                                                  

1942  C     SF     Reed City                           Leon Bodell            

1950  C     QF     Reed City                           Leon Bodell            

1993  B     QF     Reed City                                             22-4 


1940  C     QF     Remus                                                      


1942  D     QF     Richland                            W. Foster              


1939  A     SF     River Rouge                                                


1929  C     QF     River Rouge Lourdes                                        


1950  B     SF     Rochester                           Eugene Konley          


1987  D     QF     Rock Mid-Pen                                          20-5 


1924  C     QF     Rogers City                                                

1926  C     SF     Rogers City                                                

1939  B     SF     Rogers City                                                

1947  B     QF     Rogers City                         James Quinn            

1948  B     QF     Rogers City                         Mason Evans            

1992  C     QF     Rogers City                                           20-7 


1938  D     SF     Roscommon                                                  

1939  D     QF     Roscommon                                                  


1946  B     QF     Roseville                           C.J. Pentecost         

1952  B     QF     Roseville                           George Koskimaki       


1949  C     F      Roseville Eastland                  Donald Rogers          


1933  A     QF     Royal Oak                                                  


1932  D     QF     Royal Oak Madison                                          

1933  D     QF     Royal Oak Madison                                          


1932  C     QF     Royal Oak St. Mary                                         

1936  C     SF     Royal Oak St. Mary                                         


1919  A     SF     Saginaw                                                    

1950  A     SF     Saginaw                             Larry Laeding          


1931  C     SF     Saginaw St. Mary                                           


1940  B     QF     Sandusky                                                   


1951  C     QF     Sault Ste Marie Loretto             James Alford           


1927  C     F      Shelby                                                     


1952  D     SF     Spring Arbor                        Donald McDonald        


1927  C     SF     St Clair                                                   

1934  C     F      St Clair                                                   

1937  C     F      St Clair                                                   


1938  C     SF     St Clair Shores Lake Shore                                 


1935  D     QF     St Clair Shores Lakeview                                   

1944  C     QF     St Clair Shores Lakeview            L.L. Mitchell          


1930  D     QF     St Clair Shores South Lake                                  

1931  D     F      St Clair Shores South Lake                                  


1940  D     QF     St Clair Shores St. Gertrude                               



1923  B     QF     St Joseph                                                  

1924  B     F      St Joseph                           Henry Howe             

1929  B     SF     St Joseph                                                  

1930  B     SF     St Joseph                                                  

1937  B     SF     St Joseph                                                  


1927  C     QF     Stambaugh                                                  

1929  B     F      Stambaugh                                                  

1930  B     QF     Stambaugh                                                  


1938  C     QF     Sterling                                                   


1933  D     QF     Stevensville                                               

1938  D     SF     Stevensville 


1994  B     QF     Sturgis                                  


1936  D     QF     Sunfield                                                   

1938  D     QF     Sunfield                                                   


1937  D     SF     Suttons Bay                                                

1982  D     QF     Suttons Bay                                                


1942  C     SF     Tecumseh                            F. Raizk               


1927  D     QF     Tekonsha                                                   


1922  C     QF     Three Oaks                                                 

1925  C     F      Three Oaks                                                 

1926  C     SF     Three Oaks                                                 

1927  C     SF     Three Oaks                                                 


1929  B     QF     Traverse City                                              

1931  B     QF     Traverse City                                              


1930  D     SF     Traverse City St. Francis           Vern Emerson                       


1932  C     QF     Trenton                                                    

1933  C     QF     Trenton                                                    

1934  C     SF     Trenton                                                    

1944  B     SF     Trenton                             E. White               


1923  C     QF     Vassar                                                     


1924  C     QF     Vicksburg                                                  


1946  D     QF     Waldron                             L.E. Graham            

1947  D     QF     Waldron                             L.E. Graham            


1947  B     QF     Walled Lake                         Niles Freeland         


1939  C     QF     Watervliet                                                 


1930  C     SF     Wayne                                                      


1949  D     QF     Webberville                         Irving Burtt           


1934  D     SF     Whitehall                           Dahlman                       

1941  D     QF     Whitehall                           Dale Brown               

1946  C     QF     Whitehall                           Oliver Byam           

1947  C     SF     Whitehall                           Oliver Byam            


1942  C     QF     Williamston                         Floyd Eby              


1924  B     QF     Wyandotte                                                  

1942  A     SF     Wyandotte                           W. Hagadone            



1935  D     SF     Wyandotte Smith                                            

1941  D     QF     Wyandotte Smith                     E. H. Simmons          

1942  D     SF     Wyandotte Smith                     E. H. Simmons          

1945  D     F      Wyandotte Smith                     E. H. Simmons          


1940  C     QF     Wyandotte St. Patrick                                      


1989  B     QF     Wyoming Park                                          14-12


1921  A     QF     Ypsilanti                                                  

1923  B     SF     Ypsilanti                                                  

1933  B     QF     Ypsilanti                                                  

1934  B     F      Ypsilanti                                          

1942  B     QF     Ypsilanti                           J. Starwas             


1936  C     QF     Ypsilanti Roosevelt                                        


1920  B     QF     Zeeland                                                    

1936  C     F      Zeeland